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A Little About Me

Hi! My name is Lisa Polley and I have had a love for photography for as long as I can remember. I have grown to love the beauty in the simple, uncomplicated things…a smile, spontaneous laughter, a loving glance, a gentle touch, sunlight peaking through leaves, dew on grass, missing teeth in kids, the color red and rainy Saturday mornings! (I absolutely LOVE rainy Saturday mornings!!!!) I also love the expressions that people make. The way eyes dance and speak to what is going on right at that moment! It takes my breath away. Photographs were always more than just pictures to me. They freeze special moments in time, they can make you smile and they are a point of reference for milestones in our lives. I have one handsome son and a supportive, equally handsome husband, who provide enormous inspiration to me on a daily basis. I owe it to them for helping me to decide to turn this love into a career. My photography style is simple and classic. Capturing you at your best (or worst)! I snap a lot of photos and will give you more than what you expected to choose from and every client will receive a complimentary coffee table album of their photo shoot. Aww shucks! You caught me…the coffee table book is a bribe so that you can refer me to your family, friends and neighbors. I hope to like what you see and I hope to see you in front of my camera soon!!!

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